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Cookies - All Visitors

This website uses an industry standard Google analytical cookie to gather anonymous data about our visitors. It compiles data such browser types, country of origin, time spent on each page, visitor flow, referrer etc. This data is not shared with anyone, it is for internal use only, and allows sn understanding of how visitors use the website and areas for improvement. This data is stored in Google servers. More details can be found at Pages that contain third party items such as YouTube clips or Paypal buttons may also serve cookies associated with the working of these items, any data is not accessible to us.

Cookies - Registered Users

If you are a Registered User additional cookies are used for the purpose of holding your login details for future visits if you ticked the 'remember Me' box when you signed in.

Data - All Visitors

Unless you are a registered user of the website, no information is known about you, and unless you want to register to use the website we shall not ask you for any information.

Data - Registered Users

Information on Registered Users is store in the website database. This information - such as email and password - are required for identification and allowing secure access to the website. Passwords are inaccessable to us - they are stored in a salted and hashed format. E-mail addresses are used as part of te sign-in process as they are unique to each user and the e-mail confirmation step allows an extra layer of security. Other than for the registration process we do not send emails to users, if that changes in the future users will have full control over the emails we send them on their settings page.

We only store additional information on a Registered User if it has been provided by them for use on the website and is completely under their control for editing and deletion.

We never share or sell any of our data with any third parties.

Updated May 24, 2018

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