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DMU Technology

What is a DMU and how does it work?. Here is an introduction to what a DMU is and the basics on the power train, control system and other parts.

Another great introduction to how DMUs work is one of the many staff training manuals, such as this one from the Southern Region.

More detailed information on different components:

Engines: The AEC 220; Leyland 680 intro; Leyland 680 variants; 1950s engine overhauls
Gearboxes:    Introduction; R14 gearbox; Mounting Brackets; Mounting bolts; Manuals
Drive Train: Fluid flywheel; Freewheel; Cardan shafts
Radiators Hydrostatic (experimental)
Protection Drivers Safety Device; AWS
Vacuum Brakes Description; Operation; Exhauster; Automatic Feed Valve; Overhauling Feed Valves; Automatic Isolating Valve; Overhauling Isolating Valves; Brake Cylinder; Direct Admission Valve
Electrics: Batteries; Fuses; Wiring; Dynamos and Alternators
Air System: Unloader Valve; Throttle Motor; Wipers; Compressors;
Controls: Coupling codes; Gear controller overhaul
Auxiliaries: Heaters

Technical manuals: BUT Manual for 5xxxx vehicles.

Servicing your DMU? A list of common consumables.

Equipment - what components were fitted to what cars when new?
50001 - 50399      50400 - 50999      51000 - 51699      51700 - 55999      79xxx series

Many of the mechanical components for DMUs were supplied by British United Traction (B.U.T.). This was a joint venture between Leyland and A.E.C.

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