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A scene during the tenure of BRCW Class 104 dmus at Norwich. The first BRCW sets arrived from Neville Hill in October 1975 and some were in poor condition compared with the Metro-Cammell sets which they replaced. At their most prolific, there were 9 x 3 car sets and 5 twin units. Eventually refurbished Metro Cammell sets replaced them from 1980 onwards, the last BRCW cars soldiering on until 1982. The twin sets were often hybrids paired with Cravens Class 105 cars. On 5th March 1980, Set 55 led by BRCW car E56189 and paired with Cravens power car E51255 is ready to depart with the 12.45 to Yarmouth. This unit continued in the diagram operating the 13.50 Yarmouth - Norwich, 14.33 Norwich - Ely, 17.24 Ely - Cambridge and 17.51 Cambridge - Stamford. On the right are BRCW set 77 E56188 + E50594 and behind it set 79 comprising cars E50597 + E56187.


5th March 1980
Gerard Fletcher


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