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A Met-Camm 3 car diesel multiple unit on a Chester to Shrewsbury service leans to the curve through the closed Rednal station on 26th April 1975. Note the Great Western "SW" - Sound Whistle - on the Down line beyond the train. The Welsh mountains tower in the background much closer than they are in reality due to the telephoto effect. I had actually taken this shot as a test for the photos I would later take of 6000 King George V and 35028 Clan Line as they headed south on the two portions of the Mayflower steam special. It's a sobering thought that 36 years later it is actually the dmu that is the rarity. Clan Line could be on a steam special again but it's very unlikely that anyone would be able to, or even want to, run a dmu special between Chester & Shrewsbury!


26th April 1975
Pete LG99


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