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M.C. Metals, Springburn

Unknown date

104 DMU

The DMBS from set 454 donates some spare air receivers for a preserved Class 126 at MC Metals. Date unknown. Andrew McConnell.

101 DMU

Parts being retrieved from Met-Camm M54337 at MC Metals by preservationists. Late 1980s. Although the layout varied, the underframe equipment of the 1st generation units was remarkably standardised. Andrew McConnell.

120 DMU

A preservationist inspects the underside of 53672 at MC Metals for parts that could be used on the preserved Swindon unit, then at Brechin. Circa 1989. Andrew McConnell.

120 DMU

53672 at MC Metals about to be inspected for useable parts for the preserved Class 126 unit. Circa 1989. Andrew McConnell.

6th June 1989

120 DMU

Class 120 centre car M59262 at MC Metals on June 6, 1989. Surface Stock.

101 DMU

SC51537 with SC51470, SC59556 and 26029 in MC Metals on June 6, 1989. Surface Stock.

Unknown date

107 DMU

The centre car from Class 107 set 435 - thought to be 59798 - at MC Metals. Undated, it had been withdrawn from Eastfield in December 1989. Andrew McConnell.

4th May 1993

116 DMU

53083, 51220, 54371, 51443 & 51145 sit with 20199 at M.C. Metals, Springburn 4-5-93. Kevin Dowd.

108 DMU

Class 108 DMBS 51940 at M.C. Metals, Springburn on 4-5-93. Kevin Dowd.

1st August 1999

101 DMU

101651 awaits its fate at MC Metals, 1st August 1999. Ian McDonald.

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