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AEC 220 150hp Engine

An Introduction

The engine badged as the BUT 'A' type is the AEC 220 11.3 litre compression ignition horizontal engine. It is of the four-stroke single-acting direct injection type, incorporating push rod operated overhead valves, and is provided with two detachable cylinder heads each covering three cylinders. The valve rocker gear, valves and the fuel injectors are carried in the cylinder heads, the rocker gear being totally enclosed by two detachable covers.

The engine casing is divided vertically at the crankshaft centre line, and comprises an integrally cast cylinder block and crankcase to which an engine casing extension and sump are bolted. The engine casing is fitted with renewable dry liners of centrifugally cast iron, and detachable covers are provided to give access to the water spaces for cleaning purposes.

Crankcase pressure is relieved through a breather on the engine casing extension.

The cast iron camshaft is carried in seven bushes on the engine casing. The cam faces are chill hardened to give immunity from wear, and a bevel gear attached to the camshaft front end provides the drive for the fuel-injection pump; the water pump is mounted at the front of the engine casing extension.

The lubrication system is of the dry sump type, employing two gear-type oil pumps, scavenge and pressure, driven through helical gearing from the crankshaft. Full pressure lubrication is provided for the main and big-end bearings, also the bearings of the idler gears in the oil pump and timing gears. A gauze type strainer on the suction side of the pressure pump and an external felt filter in the scavenge system protects the bearings and oil pump gears from damage due to the ingress of foreign matter. Oil grids are also incorporated in the engine casing extension to filter the oil as it returns from the engine. A special metering device, incorporated in the pressure pump, delivers a small quantity of oil under low pressure to the camshaft front bearing, the fuel pump drive gears and the valve gear.

A water cooled oil cooling unit is mounted on the sump.

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