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R14 Front Mounting Brackets

The SCG catalogue lists many R14 variants, mainly due to different input / output pulley arrangements.

Another important difference was a different front mount used for different vehicles, seen in the first image.

There were two variations, seen here side by side:

The part number is cast on the side where they are fixed to the vehicle:

We'll identify the bigger left casting as "a", it is numbered 36475, and the smaller right one as "b", numbered 36127. When swapping gearboxes, it was a straightforward swap of the two brackets if they differed. The SCG catalogue denotes the following brackets were used on the following vehicles:

100  a         105 a         117 b         121 a
101 a 107 b   118 b   122 b
103 b 109 a   119 b   126 a
104 a 116 b   120 a   129 b

108s principally had the "a" type, other than 51416-24, 51901-50 & 52037-65, which had the "b" type. This seems to correspond with the movement of the coolant filler from the bodyside to the solebar.

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