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50000 / 56000 Derby 2-car DMU

Introduced: 1956
Coupling code: -
Underframe: 64ft 6in
Engines: Rolls Royce 238hp
Transmission: Mechanical


Often regarded as being a Class 114 (but not) since the same bodyshell and number series was used, 50000 was a testbed for Rolls-Royce 238hp engines and torque converter drives. It was tested exhaustively with promising results, and led to this engine being used for future builds when appropriate - such as the Class 125 / 127s. The control system used was also new and led to the orange star system that the Class 125 DMUs used.

They were withdrawn in Oct. 67 being considered non-standard.

Description & Liveries
Diagrams & Works Photos

Neither of the vehicles survived into preservation.

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