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AC Cars Railbus

Introduced: 1958
Body: 36ft
Engine: AEC 150hp
Transmission: Mechanical
Lot Number: 30749
Diagram: BR 614
Seating: 46

AC Cars Railbus

These five vehicles were designed and built by AC Cars Ltd., of Thames Ditton, Surrey. They were the first of the five railbus designs to be delivered (although not the first to enter traffic). They operated on the ScR and WR, and were withdrawn by 1968.

The firm (formerly known as Auto Carriers Ltd.) is still in existence at the time of writing (2011) and famed for building a range of vehicles from the Cobra sports car to the three wheeled invalid carriage for the Government. They had some previous experience with rail vehicles, building four trains for the Southend Pier Railway in 1949, each consisting of three power cars and four trailers, which remained in use until 1976.

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