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ACV / BUT Lightweight Railcars

Introduced: 1952
Coupling code: ~unique~
Underframe: 37ft 6in
Engines: AEC 125hp
Transmission: Mechanical

ACV unit

Nicknamed the "flying bricks", a 3-car set was built as a demonstration train, formed of two power cars and a centre trailer, although it could also be operated as a one or two car train,

The bodies were built by Park Royal, and the underframe and mechanics by AEC. Initially they were numbered Cars 1-3, but later given the BR numbers M79740-2. They were trialed in many places around the country, leading to them being bought by the LMR in January 1955 and a further set and spare power/trailer car delivered in 1955 and another 3-car in 1957. The later eight cars (M79743-50) didn't have the bodysides skirts, and had sliding lights rather than droplights on the sides.

They were normally associated with the St Albans - Watford line, and to a lesser degree the Harrow - Belmont route.

Despite the order for more vehicles they were not successful, and on paper at least some were transferred to the Civil Engineers Dept. in 1959. Eight vehicles were placed in store at Derby Friargate mid-1960, the other three still seeing occasional use for a further year before also going to Derby. They were all cut up by Derby C&W by the end of 1963.

There's a fantastic collection of pictures of the vehicles here - and further information at


No vehicles were preserved.

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