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Class 112/3 Cravens 2-car DMUs

Introduced: 1960
Coupling code: Blue Square
Underframe: 57ft 6in
Engines: Rolls Royce 238hp
Transmission: Mechanical (Class 112) / Hydraulic (Class 113)

Class 113

Both these classes used the standard Cravens body type used for Class 105s but had a single engine (the only DMU types other than railbuses to originally do so).

All were formed into power twins, 25 of each type, the hydraulic sets could be identified by a 4-character headcode box.

The cars were built for services in the LMR Central Division and in the Liverpool - St Helens area, where the gradients in the Lancashire & Yorkshire area required more power. The gross weight of a fully occupied set was approximately 70 tons, giving 6.8hp per ton.

Both types also spent some time working from Cricklewood, and were withdrawn by 1969. None survive.

Non-Passenger Use

No vehicles were preserved.

Thanks to Andrew Dyson for additional information.

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