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The gradual decline in status of the venerable Swindon built Class 120 cross-country dmus was a sad spectacle to witness. Quite probably the most comfortable classic dmus still in service in the 1980s, it was still a pleasure to travel in them. How sad that they should all perish in the scrapyard without a complete set being preserved. Originally a Western Region car as W50688, it was one of the large batch transferred to Derby Etches Park in May 1969 to improve the quality of service on the Birmingham to Norwich/Cambridge and Crewe - Derby - Lincoln routes. At this time they had micro buffets in the centre cars and after a brief period of service, these were soon disused. Renumbered from M50688 the previous month, M53688 is seen on May 7th 1983 along with M59274 & M53737 having arrived at Peterborough on the 14.08 stopping service from Birmingham and loading to work the 17.25 return to Leicester.


7th May 1983
Gerard Fletcher


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