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Minutes of Meeting of Sub-Committees held on September 20th, 1960 (Cont'd)

Min.940 - Cricklewood

Noted that arrangements have been made for work on the pit drainage in the multiple unit portion of the shed to be put in hand.

In the diesel locomotive heavy repair portion of the shed, covered pit facilities would be available by the end of 1960 and the whole of the Civil Engineer's work complete by the end of January, 1961.  Subsequently machinery would be installed and the depot would be completed by June 1961.

Min.942 - Newton Heath

Mr.Varley's report noted.  Mr.M'Ilmoyle stated that by the end of 1960 sufficient maintenance facilities would be available for the units for the remaining part of Manchester Part 3 scheme and the Civil Engineer's work would be complete by the end of January, 1961.

Mr.Holmes said that it had been necessary for a decision to be made regarding the date of commencement of the service and after consultation with Mr.Taylor it had been decided that March 6th, 1961 was the most suitable date for the introduction of multiple units, but some units would be introduced in steam timings before that date.  This arrangement was agreed.


1.  Marylebone Suburban Services

The notes of the meeting held at Marylebone on October 11th were noted and it was stated that proposals for the introduction of one diesel multiple unit into the Marylebone/Aylesbury/High Wycombe services in steam timings would be submitted very shortly.

Mr.Tildesley stated that 17 working 4-car sets would be required for the introduction of a partial diesel service in steam timings on these lined preparatory to the introduction of the full diesel service.

2.  Manchester Part 10.

Noted that Commission approval had been given.

3.  Liverpool (Lime Street) - Chester (General)

Noted that Commission approval had been given, on the understanding that the spare units allocated to this scheme would cover the requirements of spare units for the Chester - Llandudno scheme which was still to be submitted.

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