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Class 122 Gloucester RC&W Single / 2-car DMUs

Non-Passenger Use

Parcels Class 131s

Tyseley used several of the class for parcels with some / all seats removed, mostly being returned to passenger use. 55007 appears to have been the first in mid-1966, with 55004 noted in 1969 and 55008 in 1971.


The ScR had three vehicles converted to parcels use in the late '60s, 55013/4/5, with at least 55013 still being in green at conversion. They were allocated to Leith Central at least until the early 70s. From Edinburgh they worked on trains to Stirling and Dundee coupled to service DMUs. They also sometimes worked with Metro Cammell or Gloucester twin sets on Kirkcaldy services, although this could have been to provide extra power. The image shows two three-car Met-Camm sets with a Class 131 (presumably 55015 due to the small yellow panel) and a wagon on the rear at Carrick Knowe on the outskirts of Edinburgh on 21/5/71. GM Staddon.

Departmental Use

New   Original  Type   Details   From   To
TDB975023  55001  DMBS   Route Learner. Erroneously carried number DB975073 until April 1971.   6/69   5/98
TDB / ADB975042  55019  DMBS   Route Learner (TDB) then Sandite (ADB) from 8/93   11/69   ?
TDB975073  55001  DMBS   This number was not allocated to this vehicle, but carried on 975023 by mistake.   ?   ?
TDB975227  55017  DMBS   Route Learner   6/72   2/89
TDB975309  55008  DMBS   Route Learner   5/74   8/82
TDB975310  55010  DMBS   Route Learner   7/74   8/82
TDB975540  55016  DMBS   Route Learner   11/75   5/93
TDB975994  55014  DMBS   Route Learner, Test & Stores car for Class 150 units   10/80   1988
TDB975998  55013  DMBS   Route Learner   12/80   1982
TDB977177  55015  DMBS   Driver Training / Route Learner. Carried the name "Sandra"   9/83   7/89
TDB977223  55007  DMBS   Driver Training / Route Learner / Sandite   12/83   1989
977941  55012  DMBS   Route Learner for Loadhaul. Allocated 977941 in April 2004 but number never carried.   1996   ?

975023 (ex-55001) carried set L101 for a time, then the L1 part was painted over leaving it carrying just set number 01. 975042 - which remained was the last vehicle to remain in departmental use - carried the set number 960 015.

The two images show TDB975310 at Skegness in 1975. Peter, Lincolnshire & East Yorkshire Transport Review.

55001 was withdrawn from passenger use in July 1969. It's duties as route learner 975023 took it over the Ealing Tramway on 5/1/83. It becames affectionately known as “Thunderbird 1” during its use as a route learning vehicle at Longsight depot in Manchester, and it moved under its own power on 26th September 2008 on the East Lancashire Railway.

Works Photos
Data Panels
Non-Passenger Use

Details about preserved Class 122s can be found here.

Thanks to Chris Foren and Alan Rintoul for additional information.

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