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Park Royal Railbus

Introduced: 1958
Body: 42ft 0in
Engine: BUT (AEC) 150hp
Transmission: Mechanical
Lot Number: 30480
Diagram: BR 613
Seating: 50

Park Royal Railbus

Park Royal Vehicles Ltd. built five of these diesel railbuses, with the first three (not numerically) delivered to the Bedford area of the London Midland Region and the other two to the Scottish Region.

The vehicles were built as two substantially separate portions : the power underframe, and the body unit, these being assembled together when each was almost a finished unit. The interior layout of the saloon seated 50 passengers and gave the greatest possible luggage and standing space in the centre. The power underframe, from which the body was suspended by a special coil spring layout, was a self-contained, four-wheel running unit lacking only controls and certain other minor items.

All were withdrawn by 1968 and none were preserved.

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