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Wickham Railbus

Introduced: 1958
Body: 38ft 0in
Engine: Meadows 105hp
Transmission: Mechanical or automatic
Lot Number: 30481
Diagram: BR 612
Seating: 48

Wickham Railbus

These were built using the usual Wickham method of tubular construction and the elimination of the normal horn-guided axlebox. This kept down the tare weight to only 11 1/2 tons, with no sacrifice of strength.

The body was rubber mounted on the underframe, which not only provided vertical sprung movement but also allowed limited and controlled transverse movement between underframe and body. This auxiliary springing with the usual Wickham radius arm-controlled axleboxes with underslung semi-elliptic springs and Woodhead-Monroe hydraulic shock absorbers, contributed largely to steady running, although 79969 had pneumatic suspension.

They worked on the ScR, and were all withdrawn by 1966. They were often considered to be the best of the five types.

There was also a non-passenger Wickham railbus built, the Elliot high speed track recording vehicle. It was the only one of the Wickham railbuses to be preserved.

Elliot Track Recorder

Details about the preserved Elliot Wickham railbus can be found here.

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