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Set 301

These formations have been noted:

51136 59446 51149 Noted 02/11/72
51787 59685 51789 Listed at IS - mid-May-78 - Refurbished set
50254 59305 50144 Listed at DE - 01/02/81
53254 59305 53147 Listed at Haymarket - August 1986

Date: July 1963

In July 1963 Derby suburban triple set 301 with W50097 leading and a GRC&W Cross-Country set are seen between Olton and Solihull. Michael Mensing.


Date: January 1964

In January 1964 Derby triples set number 301 runs wrong line into Olton station. It carries unlined green livery. Michael Mensing.


Date: 20th May 1978

Set 301 at Keith Junction, 20/5/78 with SC51787 closest. An SRPS special was held waiting to come off the branch to Dufftown while this service passed. 20/5/78. Mike Cooper.


Date: 10th March 1979

On the 10th March 1979 set 301 is led by SC51787 and has a Met-Camm centre car (probably 59574, it seems to have buffet on the side). It's on the 15:50 from Aberdeen at Insch. Hamish Stevenson.


Date: unknown

Two Class 120 DMBCs are seen at Machynlleth. The leading car has set number 301 in tiny numerals under the driver's windscreen. Undated. Tom Clift.

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