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Vehicle 56036 / 54036 / 54902

Class 114

BR Diagram 641

Builder: BR Derby Works
Type: Low Density
Length: 64ft
Coupling Code: Blue Square
Coupling Type: Screw
Gangway Type: LMS
Lot Number: 30210
Diagram: 641


22/02/57 New to 40A (Lincoln)
4w/e 28/11/59 Transferred to 41A (Darnall)
4w/e 28/04/62 Transferred to 40A (Lincoln)
May-73Depot code changeLN (Lincoln)
21/06/87 Stored LN (Lincoln)
09/08/87 To Parcels Sector at CA (Cambridge)
Oct-87 Transferred to HQ(RTC-D)
08/03/88 Transferred to TS (Tyseley)
p/e 17/11/88 Transferred to CA (Cambridge) RPXN
p/e 08/12/90 Transferred to CH (Chester) PCHX
24/05/91 Withdrawn from CH (Chester) PXXZ


Jan-88 - 54036 was allocated the number 55932 during roller shutter door conversion, the number was never carried and it emerged from Derby RTC as 54902.

23rd April 1988 - Seen in Royal Mail red livery

The vehicle carried the following numbers:

56036 - original number
54036 - from Apr-83 (53xxx / 54xxx change)
54902 - from Jan-88 (parcels conversion)

Some sample formations the vehicle has been noted in:

50036 56036 As delivered to 40A - 22nd February 1957
50036 56036 Transfer to 41A - 4w/e 28/11/59
50036 56036 Noted 17/06/61 - working the North Derbyshire Rail Tour.
50036 56036 Transfer to 40A - 4w/e 28/04/62
50022 56036 Noted 02/01/71
50006 56036 Noted 26/11/81
T001 55932 54902 Listed at Tyseley - 7th April 1988
T001 55932 54902 Noted 23rd April 1988
T001 55932 54902 Formed at TS circa May-88
55932 54902 Noted 06/02/89 - parcels
55932 54902 Noted 27/05/89
53032 54902 Noted 2nd September 1989 - towing a GUV


circa Dec-86 - AWS fitted
Mar-88 - Roller Shutter Doors Fitted



Date: 6th July 1978

Two Class 114 sets arrive into Retford with the 5.32pm Lincoln - Sheffield on July 6th, 1978. E56036 is at the front, it would later become one of the Royal Mail red parcel cars. Michael Mensing.


Date: 2nd April 1988

Class 114 54902 is seen at Tyseley on 02.04.1988 not long after conversion to a Parcels unit from 54036. It had been fitted with roller doors, and painted into Royal Mail red livery. Andy Cole.


Date: unknown

Royal Mail Class 114 54902 at Leeds, date unknown. Andrew Pilkington.


Date: 23rd March 1989

54902 at the end of a rake of Class 114 parcels cars at Leeds on 23/03/89. Wilson Adams.


Date: 2nd May 1989

54902 + 55932 with a Peterborough to Norwich Parcels working seen at Ely North Junction on 02/05/89. Surface Stock.


Date: 1990

54902 and 55932 at Paddington. Date unknown, but I'm guessing this was late 1990. Stuart Mackay Collection.

The vehicle is mentioned in the following images:


Date: 25th August 1979

Class 114 DMBS no. 50023 leading DTCL no. 56036 at Skegness, having just been parted from another set - if you look closely you can see all the hoses dangling rather than stowed away and the MW jumper cables are just lying on the track! Robert Chilton.


Date: 26th November 1981

It is 10.10pm by the station clock and the fume-filled York station is captured during a brief period of inactivity as Lincoln-allocated and Derby 1956-built class 114 unit No.50006-56036 gurgles away in the bay platform 11 forming a late-evening stopping service to Sheffield on 26th November 1981. My overnight on the station was just unfolding with much action to be witnessed over the next 10 hours! Gordon Edgar.


Date: 8th May 1982

Saturday May 8th 1982 was a much busier day than usual on the old joint line from Spalding to March, due to it being Spalding tulip parade which saw numerous special trains and associated stock and loco movements along the line. Here one of the regular service trains, the 10.29 Doncaster - Cambridge approaches the site of the flat crossing with the M & GN at Murrow formed by Derby Heavyweight set E50046 + E56036. Gerard Fletcher.


Date: 20th June 1989

Class 128/114/BG 55993 / 55994 / 55932 + 54902 / 84114 on a Peterborough to Norwich parcels at Queen Adelaide (Ely), 20/06/89. Surface Stock.


Date: 1990

Royal Mail Class 114 vehicles 55932 and 54902 in London Paddington, probably in late 1990. Stuart Mackay Collection.


Date: 1990

Royal Mail Class 114 vehicles 55932 and 54902 in London Paddington station, probably in late 1990. Stuart Mackay Collection.


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