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Class 105 DMU images identified by Set No.

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105 DMU

26th June 1978

Cravens set 68 departs Peterborough with a Leicester service on June 26, 1978. Taken by PH Wells. Nigel Walls Collection.

105 DMU

27th August 1981


51259 sits at the buffers at Sheringham on 27-8-81. Chris Lings.


105 DMU

Unknown Date

Cravens set number 63 sits in Lowestoft station in the early 1970s. John Law.

105 DMU

5th March 1980


Wednesday would usually be my day off from work around the time this photograph was taken, so quite often I would buy an Anglia Day Ranger ticket and do a circular tour from March or King's Lynn. This was the case on 5/3/80 when this was the scene alongside Ipswich station at 11.25 that morning. Set 63 with Felixstowe on the blinds comprised E56432 with power car E51268 at the rear. The most interesting aspect of this shot though, are the two dmu cars in the background. Set 70 has obviously had some incident befall it, as Gloucester RCW Class 100 power car E51127 has been separated from its partner Cravens Class 105 trailer E56134. Some of the Gloucester RCW units had charmed lives and E51127 had already survived being withdrawn in 1972 and stored in 1974 on its native Scottish Region, before being sent down to Norwich in May 1975. It lasted here until October 1980 when it was dispatched to the LMR ending up at Tyseley and finally Newton Heath from where it was retired in Dec. 82. Gerard Fletcher.

105 DMU

4th August 1984


Two twin car Norwich allocated Cravens class 105 dmu's both still with their 1st Class accommodation, pull out of West Runton after calling with a Norwich - Sheringham service on 4th August 1984. Closest is probably 51268. Andrew J Crowther.


105 DMU

19th April 1977


51257 is part of set 64 at Spalding on 19/4/77. The Class 105 set is attached to a 3-car set of a different class, which is mostly off the platform. There is also a 3-car high density set in the sidings. Ian Francis.

105 DMU

15th April 1982


On 15th April 1982 Norwich based Cravens twin set no. 64 led by E51257 with a trailer which I believe to be E56443 (in the foreground) is seen at Ely, more than likely en route from Peterborough to Cambridge. 31411 was on the Ipswich - Paisley speedlink. Copyright: Chris Burton. Gerard Fletcher.


105 DMU

2nd August 1980

A Class 105 passes Ardleigh, Essex, on 02/08/1980 with a local service bound for Colchester. Graeme Phillips Collection.

105 DMU

21st July 1981


Spalding on 21 July 1981 - E51261 + E56139 have arrived on 17.35 ex-Peterborough and will now form the 18.07 back to Peterborough. Lewis Bevan.


105 DMU

27th August 1979


Cravens set 66 (E51260 closest) at Brundall on 27/8/79. Steve Davies Collection.

105 DMU


A Cravens set 66 at Sheringham in 1981. Note the 'GB' sticker on the lower cab front. John Law.

105 DMU

9th September 1981


Cravens Class 105 Set no. 66, E51260 leading E56413 departing Norwich on 9th September 1981 as the 12.05 to Sheringham. The diagrams for these units involved considerable distances and on this date set 66 worked the 11.04 Yarmouth - Norwich, 12.05 to Sheringham and back followed by the 16.45 Norwich - Peterborough and 19.15 Peterborough - Cambridge. Gerard Fletcher.


105 DMU

30th October 1980


On the old GN & GE joint line from March to Spalding, which closed in 1982 this picture was taken from Murrow West signalbox - a relatively modern structure which replaced the original following an accident at the flat crossing here in 1950. Cravens twin dmu E56139 + E51262 (Norwich set number 67) approaches with the 11.18 Cambridge - Doncaster service on October 30th 1980. Gerard Fletcher.

105 DMU

25th September 1985


Cravens Class Set 67 54419 + E51262 are wrapped in polythene at Colchester on the morning of Thursday 25th September 1985. They had been fire damaged at Colchester the previous day. Colin Brooks.


105 DMU


A two-car Cravens DMU at Felixstowe 1980. John Law.

105 DMU

7th July 1981


A Colchester bound special leaves Ipswich on July 7th, 1981, formed of Cravens set 68 (E51493 + E56470). Bruce Galloway.


105 DMU


Cravens set 69 and Swindon Cross-Country set EP501 at Cambridge in 1984. Graham Baker.

105 DMU

October 1984


51478 at the head of set 69 in the north bay of Cambridge station, October 1984. Mike Cooper.


105 DMU

31st May 1981


Cravens class 105 E50373 at Ipswich in the company of 47115 and 37260, amongst others, 31st May 1981. Paul James.

105 DMU

28th October 1982


The platforms at Whittlesea are staggered and here set 70 (E51301 + E56464) arrives from the east forming the 11.06 Cambridge - Peterborough on October 28th 1982. Gerard Fletcher.

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