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Diagram Index-Sheets

As the diagram book lacked any sensible order to it, index sheets produced to assist in finding the relavant information. This was long before class numbers were thought of, so the vehicles were identified first by gangway (both ends, one end or none), then split into vehicle types. The sheet for each type (such as driving motor open second) would then be listed by lot number and reference the page / diagram number for each. The sheets from the index book for DMUs are reproduced below, the full set of coaching stock index sheets (hauled stock, DMU, DEMU and EMUs) can be found on the BMRG website.

Section 7 Gangwayed Cover Index of Sheets Sheet 200  
  Diesel Mechanical Stock     Sheet 201  
        Sheet 202  
        Sheet 203  
        Sheet 204  
        Sheet 205  
        Sheet 206  
        Sheet 207  
        Sheet 208  
        Sheet 209  
        Sheet 210  
        Sheet 211  
        Sheet 212  
        Sheet 213  
Section 8 Gangwayed One End Cover Index of Sheets Sheet 230 Ammendment
  Diesel Mechanical Stock     Sheet 232 Ammendment
        Sheet 233  
        Sheet 234  
        Sheet 235 Ammendment
        Sheet 236  
        Sheet 238  
Section 9 Non-Gangwayed Cover Index of Sheets Sheet 260  
  Diesel Mechanical Stock     Sheet 261  
        Sheet 262  
        Sheet 263  
        Sheet 264  
        Sheet 265  
        Sheet 266  
        Sheet 268  
        Sheet 269  
        Sheet 270  
        Sheet 271  
        Sheet 272  
        Sheet 273  
Section 10 Gangwayed Cover Index of Sheets Sheet 300  
  Diesel Electric Stock     Sheet 303  
        Sheet 304  
Section 11 Gangwayed One End Cover Index of Sheets Sheet 320  
  Diesel Electric Stock     Sheet 321  

Also part of the diagram book / index was tables showing the 'distributed' weights that could be carried in the brake vans. These sheets are courtesy of David Faulkner - Sheet 1 - Sheet 2 - Sheet 3. I've also found this partial diagram index made by a member of staff.

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