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DMU Accidents

DMUs have had their fair share of mishaps through the years and this section is an attempt to document them.

If you have any notes or photographs please submit them to be added here. I would also welcome further information on any of the accidents featured here.

Many of the accident reports are available on-line at


21/08/55 - Keswick, LMR

Collision involving Derby Lighweight / Car

A car plunged through a fence by a railway cutting near Keswick, falling 30ft on to a path beside the line. It came to rest with part of the vehicle on the track, and was hit by a pair of 2-car sets running empty to Cockermouth to work a half day excursion to Morecambe. The car driver was seriously injured, but his wife only slightly. No member of the train crew were injured, but the train had to be taken out of service.

For images see Trains illustrated, Sept 1957, p458

1957 - Hexham Station

Collision involving Class 101 / Steam

Info from John Darwent, Jim Poor

A coal train of 35 wagons headed by a K1 embedded itself in the rear of a 4-car set, crushing through the rear driving and rear compartments and pushing the set right the way through the station (the brakes on the set were released). Car 50173 was badly stoved in and withdrawn. However, there were no casualties, despite the vehicle being forced high in the air and the fuel tank rupturing (there was evidently no fire).

06/11/57 - Little London PLC, near Stallingborough, ER.

Collision involving DMU / Road Vehicle

Info from Peter Mullen

A Lincoln Central to Cleethorpes passenger train struck the gate as it was being swung across the line, injuring the gateman and killing the motor cyclist. More Details.

29/05/58 - Barry

Collision involving DMU / DMU

Info from Shayne Lewis

The 5.17pm Llantwit Major to Cardiff General 2-car diesel crashed into the stationary (6-car diesel) 5.30pm Barry Island to Cardiff General train which had 300 passengers on board. The accident happened near to the gas works site. The 6-car unit was hauled to Barry Docks by a steam engine.

15/09/59 - Stobswood Occupational Level Crossing (NER)

Collision involving Class 101 / Road Vehicle

Info from Peter Mullen

An Up Alnwick to Newcastle 2-car Metro Camm struck a dump truck. More Details.

15/10/59 - Smedley Viaduct Signal Box, near Manchester, LMR.

Collision involving Class 105 / Steam

Info from Bill Read

Class 105 in collision with steam locomotive 45101. Car numbers not identified. 6 persons required hospital treatment. A power-twin Cravens unit travelling from Manchester Victoria to Rochdale came into head-on collision with 45101. The driver was fortunate to have been thrown out of the DMU by the impact, as the cab was destroyed and the underframe distorted. Interference with signalling equipment, probably by children, caused the signal passed by the DMU to display a yellow aspect, instead of a red one.

23/11/59 - Slade Lane Junction, Levenshume LMR

Collision involving DMU / Steam

Info from Peter Mullen

The ‘Pines Express’ (hauled by a 6P, 4-6-0) and a DMU were simultaneously approaching Slade Lane Junction when they ran into contact with each other for about 100yards before coming into sidelong collision. More Details.

DMU Accidents


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