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Building a DMU


Part Two: Underframe

Images nine to sixteen in the booklet show completed underframes (all taken in November / December 1955).

C113 Diesel Rail Car - Underframe

"Diesel Rail Car - Underframe"

Negative C113

No date for this image. It has trussing similar to a conventional coach, however this was only temporary. The vehicle relied on the complete body structure for strength, and this prevented the underframe from sagging until it was fitted. In the centre - the two horizontal rods connecting the diagonal trussing can be adjusted to alter the straightness. The dangly bits in middle are parts of the brake rigging, the two vacuum cylinders will be mounted in this area.

C114 Diesel Rail Car Underframe

"Diesel Rail Car Underframe"

Negative C114

Another undated image, and probably the same underframe as C113. The bogie gives as a clue as to what it will become, it is marked 30196 TE, so the trailing end of an intermediate DMBS (which had the van immediately behind the cab and toilets at this end). The footstep like brackets behind the bogie will hold electrical boxes.

5C66 Underframe


Negative 5C66

This image, taken on December 8, 1955, is not in the booklet but I've included here as it is similar to C113. Note the two dark oil patches which identify it as being taken at the same location. It is a different underframe however, and this one has the generator control box fitted to the bracket on the left.

5C67 Underframe


Negative 5C67

Another non-booklet image from December 8, 1955, similar to booklet image C114, but the underframe from 5C66. The end of the bogie is marked 30200 TE, so it will be the toilet end of a leading DMBS..

5C68 Underframe


Negative 5C68

The third and final image in the 5C series taken on December 8, 1955 did feature in the booklet. Same underframe as 5C66/67, the two holes on the flat section closest are for the toilet 'shit chutes'.

5C38 Junction Box, Buffing and Drawgear

"Junction Box, Buffing and Drawgear"

Negative 5C38

The next image in the booklet steps back in time a little and the first of several taken on 17 November 1955. This underframe is indoors, and has jacks in place to keep it straight and narrow for the fitting of the body. The chain dangles from where the jumper sockets will be, these will connect to the electrical junction box (with three holes in it) above the basket. The 'spring' for the buffers can be seen, a series of rubber pads and metal discs.

5C39 Bogie - Final Drive

"Bogie - Final Drive"

Negative 5C39

The image printed in the booklet had actually been printed in reverse, I've flipped the scan horizontally to correct it.

5C40 Frame, Bolster and Bogie Final Drive

"Frame, Bolster and Bogie Final Drive"

Negative 5C40

These were glass plate negatives, and this one must have been damaged and stuck together. The white framework will be explained in the next part - note the body section hanging to the left.

5C41 Frame - Centre Bays

"Frame - Centre Bays"

Negative 5C41

With some vacuum pipework fitted. Note the bodyside waiting to be fitted on the right.

5C42 Frame - End Bays

"Frame - End Bays"

Negative 5C42

Again this end can be identified as the trailing end by the two holes where above will sit the toilet pans. Of note in the upper left is the jig for welding together the bodyside framework.

Coming Next - Part 3: bodysides and ends

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Further parts will be added here in due course.

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