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4.    Allocation of units being built at Derby and by contractors   (Contd.)

It was noted that 25 2-car units will be required for the Birmingham (Part 1) and North Wales (Part 1) schemes which are due to commence on March 5th, 1956, and it is not anticipated that the three 2-car sets on loan to the West Cumberland area will return before the end of March.

Mr.Stanley will watch position carefully to ensure that sufficient units are available for the commencement of the services on March 5th.

Mr.Stanley reported that advice has been received from the Birmingham Carriage & Wagon Co. to the effect that they have only been able to place orders for certain size of steel sections amounting to about 50% of the total requirements for the cars on order and as a result it will be impossible to adhere to the programme of delivery previously agreed. Whilst it is difficult to forecast the delay, the firm anticipate being able to commence delivery in February 1957, instead of August 1956 - a delay of six months.

5.    Rail Cars for Rural Areas.

The Chairman referred to correspondence which had been passed between the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Transport and the B.T.C. regarding a proposal by Mr.F.T.Auld, and said that we had been requested to make a practical experiment with a diesel vehicle of the type visualised.

Mr.Nicholls submitted a statement of estimated variable costs of operating a branch line by B.U.T. power car and Metro-Cammell power car, comparable to the figures quoted by Mr.Auld.

Mr.Adkinson supplied particulars of single unit vehicles in operation on the Continent and said that in some cases the guard books the tickets, the units stopping at any crossings or halts where passengers may be.

The Chairman said it was necessary for a suitable line to be chosen for the experiment and the following were suggested :-

Holywell Jcn. - Holywell Town
Rhyl - Denbigh
Cheddington - Aylesbury
Wirksworth Branch
Market Harborough - East Norton
Leicester - John o'Gaunt

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