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(b)   Noted that B.T.C. authority has now been received for additional two motor cars and one trailer.

(c)   Agreed that one additional trailer in addition to the vehicle referred to in (b) above, is desirable for the summer season. Mr.Adkinson is doubtful if three spares out of 15 units is sufficient for maintenance purposes, but it was agreed that a trial be made for this summer with this number.

2. Watford - St.Albans

(a)   Traffic Receipts to 31.12.55. noted.-

1955. 1954. Increase.  % 
£ £ £  
4,202 3,201 1,001 31.27

(b)   Proposed halt at Garston Lane.   Plans and estimates are being prepared for a staffed halt.

(c)   Permanent Way.   Mr.Butland stated that all that can effectively be done has been covered.

(d)   Camber of springs.   Mr.Stanley stated that the springs of the motor cars of the first unit have been improved and arrangements are being made for the other units to be similarly modified.

(e)   Condition of stock  

Fumes - Mr.Stanley stated that one unit has been modified with success and              arrangements are in hand for the units to be similarly modified.
Cleaning - Mr.Gould said matter has been dealt with.
Running of engines at


Mr.Adkinson reported that these
      matters have been put right.

3.   Bury - Bacup   (Service commenced February 6th, 1956)

(a)   Noted that new diesel service operating satisfactorily. Two breakdowns, possibly due to dirty fuel, as a result of units working on Blackpool - Preston run, but Mr.Larkin has arranged for additional inspection.

The Chairman requested that reports of breakdowns should be sent to the General Manager without delay and Mr.Larkin will arrange.

(b)   With regard to the question of a stop at Irwell Vale, it was felt there is a case for consideration, and Mr.Read is pursuing.

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