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The Chairman stated that the Officers concerned in the L.M. and E.Regions have again been pressed for their report, and he asked that Messrs.Gould, Read and Adkinson contact the Eastern Region Officers concerned with a view to a report being submitted at an early date.


The Chairman referred to his trip on a Metro-Cammell unit on December 13th and to the notes circulted to the members, and asked for the following points to be dealt with :-

Item 4 - Passengers' visibility.   Mr.Stanley to consider
 " 5 - Position of Motors.     Mr.Larkin to consider
 " 6 - Buffer beams )
 " 7 - Curtain          )   Mr.Stanley to arrange
 " 8 - Guard's van   )
 " 10 - Rainwater entering unit.   It was understood that Metro-Cammell are
                      dealing with this.   Mr.Stanley to follow up.
 " 11 - Advertising.   Mr.Gould to deal with.
 " 12  Vacuum cleaner etc.   Mr.Gould has in hand with Mr.Larkin.


It was agreed that the Press trip be arranged at District Officer level. Civic and trade representatives also to be invited, C.C.M. to provide a list to Mr.Tonge, who will report arrangements to General Manager.

Mr.Tonge said that the folder produced was to be distributed to all firms in the area and supplied to stations and enquiry offices.

Test runs of units.

C.M.& E.E's letter of 23rd December considered and Mr.Larkin said the Derby built units can be adjusted to work over the electrified lines and he would arrange for this to be done.

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