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408. BURY - BACUP SCHEME   (Contd.)

Test runs of units   (Contd.)

Mr.Gould referred to the loss of time by the steel Metro-Cammell units on the Bury-Bacup line and it was decided that one of these units should be tested on the Birmingham - Sutton Coldfield Line at an early date. Messrs.Gould and Larkin to arrange the test and report the results, and at the same time to test whether the Metro-Cammell and the Derby built units can be coupled together satisfactorily.


Mr.Gould's letter of 8th December re additional units for the summer period considered and the following allocation agreed :-

7 units for the winter service, including 2 spares.

15 units for the summer service, including 4 spares and 2 for the Welsh Dragon service.

It was agreed that this be treated as an experiment and the additional units be taken from those allocated to the Manchester (Part 1) scheme.

Mr.Adkinson stated that more accomodation would be required at Llandudno Junction for the additional units, the sub-committee to consider this. He also said that for the purpose of training of staff the units for the winter service would be required by the M.P.S. not later than the third week in Frbruary. Mr.Butland asked for early detail of additional accomodation so that it can be provided as an extension of the present contracts.

Agreed that inaugural publicity arrangements be on the same lines as that for the Bury - Bacup service (Minute 408).


Noted that owing to possibility of units not being available by February 6th, it had been decided to defer the commencement of this service until March 5th. Mr.Stanley to report when units will be ready for service.

Agreed that Metro-Cammell unit from Bury - Bacup service be tested on Birmingham - Sutton Coldfield Line (see minute 408).

With regard to publicity, Mr.Tonge to send his recommendations for participants in a Press trip to the General Manager, including the nominations made by the C.C.M., who will raise with the General Manager the question as to headquarters' representation.

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