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(1)  Programme of Diesel Train operation  (Contd.)

There was as yet very little new that the public could see and multiple unit diesels were important from this point of view.

The requirements of vehicles agreed for the London Midland Region for 1958 and 1959 are :-

  A.1. A.2. Total Schemes
1958 6 (MBS) 6 (DTC)   12 Liverpool-Gateacre-Warrington
  24   " 24   "   48 Not yet allocated
1959 12   " 12 (MC)   24 Manchester Part 2
  50   " 50 (DTC)   100 Not yet allocated
  9   " 9   "   18 Chester-North Wales Area
  (Carried over from 1958)
  50 (MBS) 50 (MC)   100 Services in the Central
               Division and Liverpool-
            120 St.Pancras Suburban
            60 Marylebone Suburban

The Chief Carriage & Wagon Engineering Officer, B.T.C. to be asked to supply delivery dates for the 100 vehicles due for delivery in 1959 but not yet allocated to schemes.

(2)  Review of schemes in operation or projected

The Chairman said that in making these reviews reversion to steam operation in areas where multiple unit diesel operation was still showing heavy losses could not be contemplated, but consideration should be given to the withdrawal of the passenger services and the transfer of the units to more favourable schemes.

(3)  Allocation of Units being built at Derby and by Contractors

Revised schedule of allocation attached as Appendix "B".

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