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Minutes of meeting of Sub-Committees held on August 18th, 1960 (Cont'd)

Minute 918 - Newton Heath

Mr. Taylor said it was desired to introduce the remaining part of Manchester Part 3 scheme on January 2nd, 1961 and Mr. Varley will advise the Chairman exactly what facilities will be available by that date.


  Marylebone Suburban Services

(a) Commencement of service

The Chairman stated that pressure was being applied for the introduction of a diesel multiple service on a portion of the Marylebone suburban Services prior to the introduction of the full scheme.  There was no possibility of introducing the full Marylebone - Aylesbury service until the completion of the L.T.E. four-track work in 1962 but early introduction of a partial diesel service in steam timings on the Aylesbury and High Wycombe lines was desireable and it was agreed that Mr. Tildesley would ascertain the number of units and maintenance facilities which would be required.

In addition Mr. Tildesley stated that the introduction of the diesel service on the High Wycombe Line depended entirely upon the date when maintenance facilities became available at Marylebone.  He was exploring the possibility of maintenance being carried out at Bletchley to enable one working unit to be brought into service, in steam timings, prior to the facilities becoming available at Marylebone, the object of this being:-

  (i) To offset the present staff shortage in the footplate grades.
 (ii) To show the flag to the public.
(iii) To facilitate staff training.

(b) Marylebone Carriage Shed

The progress of work was discussed and Mr. Reynolds stressed the necessity for completion by the programmed date.  Some doubt had been expressed as to whether this would be achieved and in order that a complete picture of the position could be obtained he would arrange to hold a meeting on the site shortly with representatives of the departments concerned, after which the C.C.E. and C.M.& E.E. could furnish a statement giving particulars of work completed, and work still in hand, with completion dates.

The Chairman pressed for the joint statement giving details of the estimated outlay on the new shed to be submitted quickly, and also for the proposals for the new carriage washing machine, permanent lighting at Barge Sidings and the temporary facilities required at Neasden.


1. Manchester Part 10

To be considered by the Works and Equipment Committee on September 27th, 1960.

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