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1. Position of schemes still to be submitted  (Contd.)

In the circumstances it was agreed the Committee would support the recommendation that the schemes be submited for approval to achieve the estimated improvement in net traffic receipts of £140,000 per annum as early as possible.  It was considered undesirable to delay taking measures which make important contributions to the reduction of the Region's present overall net deficit pending the outcome of eventual policy studies of the future passenger services plan.

It was appreciated that other schemes, the submissions for which are in various statges of preparation, may well to a greater or lesser degree show a similar overall financial result to that of the Part 4 scheme.

The Chairman enquired as to the position of the other schemes and it was indicated that compilation of the required information in respect of parcels etc. receipts and cartage costs may retard their submission to a certain extent beyond the tentative programmed dates.

2. Report on spare vehicles for Marylebone and St.Pancras services

It was stated the joint report from the D.T.S. and C.M.& E.E. was in draft and would be sent to the General Manager shortly.

3. Allocation of units being built at Derby and by Contractors

Revised schedule of allocation is attached as Appendix 'B'.


The Committee discussed the last minutes of Servicing and Maintenance Sub-Committee, 16th February, 1961. Matters arising :-

Min.1031Leicester (Diesel Locomotives)

The target date for submission of the scheme was April, 1961, but it was felt that this date would have to be put back a month.

Min.1040Chester West M.P.D. (Multiple Units)

Mr. Beatty said the C.C.E's work was proceeding to programme and Mr.Stanly said he would expedite the installation of electric lighting in the workshop, stored and amenity buildings.

Min.1041Marylebone Carriage Shed (Multiple Units)

Mr. Beatty reported that progress was going according to programme.  Washing machine had been approved.  Mr.Brooks asked that the washing machine should be installed as quickly as possible and Mr.Stanley said he would follow this up.

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