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Min.1043Kirkdale (Multiple Units)

Mr.Beatty said that lay-out plan for fuelling installation had been agreed and full details were expected to be available by the end of March.

Min.1044Delays to the preparations of submissions

The Chairman drew the attention of the Committee to this minute and the question of delays was discussed at some length.  The Chairman suggested that perhaps earlier consultation with the local officers may expedite matters.

It was noted that members were alive to the problem and every effort would be made to cut down delays in the future.


1.  Marylebone Suburban Services

Progress in bogie modification and refurbishing

Mr.Stanley reported the bogies of the first three sets from the Liverpool (Central) - Manchester (Central) services had been modified and the last three would be done after the completion of the Marylebone sets so as not to delay the programme in respect of the latter stock. He reported the riding of the modified sets was very much better than originally.

Mr.Stanley stated the first of the Marylebone sets had been sent to Derby for bogie modifications and refurbishing, but owing to three of the coaches being damaged, this would take longer to complete than one week.  It was subsequently ascertained that two more Marylebone units were delivered to Derby on the 6th March and work was proceeding on these, so there should be no delay to the programme.

Mr.Gould confirmed that as from the 11th September, 1961, the whole of the High Wycombe services would be operated by diesel trains in steam timings and the diesel timings would be brought into operation in March, 1962, when the full diesel service on both the High Wycombe and Aylesbury lines are due to commence.

2.  Chester - Birkenhead

Services due to commence 12th June.

Mr.Gould confirmed this date would be kept.

3.  Chester - Liverpool (Lime Street)

Service due to commence 12th June.  Mr.Gould confirmed the service would commence on this date.

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