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      1. Diesel Multiple Unit Schemes  )
2. Position of Schemes still to be submitted  ) (Contd.)

With regard to the proposed examination of passenger services in the Lancashire area arising from the investigations into the Manchester Part 4 scheme, the Chairman will convene a meeting with Messrs.Gould, Johnson and M.G.E.Lambert to formulate a remit for a working party to carry out the examination.

Derby Friargate - Nottingham Victoria - Grantham
Derby Mid. - Sheffield Mid.
Nottingham Mid. - Mansfield - Worksop

Mr.Bell indicated that preliminary investigations showed that these schemes would be unremunerative and if this was subsequently confirmed by the Accountant's financial appraisal, the possibility of withdrawal of the services wholly or in part would need to be considered.

3.  Improved riding of Diesel Rail Cars

A joint report from the D.T.S. and C.M.& E.E. received, which recommends the matter be reviewed after twelve months experience with the modified bogie has been obtained.

4.  Allocation of Units being built at Derby and by Contractors

Revised schedule of allocation attached as Appendix 'B'.


Minutes of Sub-Committee meetings held on 21st June and 27th July, 1961

Noted with the following comments :-

Minute 1147 - 27th July, 1961. Crewe Diesel Repair Shop

Meeting held on 22nd August on to expedite completion.

Minute 1158 - 27th July, 1961. Cricklewood (Diesel Locomotives and Multiple Units)

Minute 1164 - 27th July, 1961. Marylebone (Diesel Multiple Units)

It was noted that, generally, the depots were finished, but a number of the small items were outstanding and these should be completed as quickly as possible.

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