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1. Marylebone Suburban Services

(a)  Progress in bogie modification and refurbishing of stock

Mr.Stanley reported the work was proceeding satisfactorily and 25 sets had been dealt with.

(b)  Introduction of units and report on operation of units working in steam timings

Eight additional sets were introduced into the services on 11th September (making a total of 19 sets in operation) and the scheme was operating satisfactorily.

Mr.Tildesley reported a meeting had been held with the L.T.E. and W.R. representatives on 12th September at which the L.T.E. representatives had proposed the date for the introduction of their new timetable and also the full diesel service should be 30th April 1962.  The Western Region representatives considered this was not practicable and in view of the additional work involved in introducing an additional timetable to operate from that date for only 7 weeks, the L.M.R. representatives were not in favour of the proposal.

It was recommended that the operation of the full diesel service should be deferred until the introduction of the summer timetable on 18th June, 1962.


(a) Watford - St. Albans and Harrow - Belmont

Mr.Bell stated that the question of cutting down operational costs and exercises to establish the possibility of withdrawing the passenger services on both branches was still in hand.

Mr.Tildesley added that on the introduction of the winter timetable, the evening service, Monday to Friday, on the Watford - St.Albans line had been reduced and investigations were also proceeding into the possibility of closing certain stations and withdrawing or reducing the Sunday service.

The future of the Harrow - Belmont service was bound up with the coal concentration scheme, for, if and when the latter comes into operation, the line could not be kept open purely for the operation of an unremunerative passenger service.

(b) Traffic Receipts

Statement of receipts and tickets issued during May, 1961, for those schemes with less than 12 months operation was noted - see Appendix 'A' attached.

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