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1. Position of schemes still to be submitted

(a)  Manchester Parts 4, 5 and 6

The Chairman stated that since the last meeting a further progress report had been received from the L.T.M., Manchester, on the investigations proceeding into the services in the Lancashire and Cheshire area and he asked Mr.Bennett to outline the present position.

Mr.Bennett stated that enquiries had been completed on only two sections of line (viz. Southport-Preston and M.S.J.& A.) and it had been possible to take some immediate steps to improve the financial position on these two sections.  A tremdous amount of work had still to be done and he considered there was no satisfactorily alternative to the present procedure in obtaining the desired information.

Mr.Riley stated that this view was confirmed by discussions which had taken place between Mr.Millard, the Chief Accountant's representatives and the Principal Traffic Costing Officer regarding the financial aspect of the reviews.  It was agreed the investigations should go ahead on the lines of the present enquiries.

(b)  St.Pancras - Leicester/Nottingham

No further developments and the L.T.M., Derby, was planning to cover the present service by diesel locomotive hauled trains from September, 1962.

(c)  Chester - Rhyl - Llandudno

The full particulars necessary for the compilation of the financial assessment had now been received by the Chief Accountant.  It would shortly be sent to the L.T.M., Manchester, who would submit the scheme to the Management for consideration.

It was noted the vehicles for this service had already been delivered but were employed elsewhere in the meantime.

(d)  East Midlands
  Derby Friargate - Nottingham Vic. - Grantham
  Nottingham Mid. - Mansfield - Worksop
  Derby Mid. - Sheffield Mid.

The L.T.M., Derby, was considering the future of these services.

At the request of the D.T.M., Nottingham, the Chief Accountant was preparing more detailed financial information for the Nottingham Mid. - Mansfield - Worksop scheme.

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