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Class 107 Derby 3-car DMUs


Numbers Type TOPS   Seats   Weight Diagram   Lot No.
51985 - 52010   DMBS 107/2 52 34 tons 10cwt   639 30611
52011 - 52036 DMC(L)   107/1 12/53 35 tons 649 30612
59782 - 59807 TS(L) 161 71 28 647 30613

Later the TOPs classes all changed to simply 107. Note that the Class 161 trailers are unusual as the Class was also designated for Class 108 trailers - although the cars were different.


Worksplates were carried on the vehicle solebars to identify the builder and lot number. Many of the worksplate images on the website are by Simeon Gaskell and John Horne.

Lot 30611 worksplate Lot 30613 worksplate

Set Numbers

Set numbers had been carried by most Scottish allocated units since the '70s but by the early '80s the unit class number was incorporated into the set number as a prefix, changing the usual 3-digit number to 6-digits as applied to EMUs, this system being adopted as the norm for all face-lifted DMUs on all regions by the late '80s. More than in most places Scottish DMU set numbers could not be relied on to identify individual cars running in any given set as vehicle changes between sets took place regularly, also there were various set re-numberings.

One notable set during the mid-'80s was that of 107 430 being made up of a Class 107 DMBS and TS(L) with the DMS car being 51803 a Class 101 Met-Camm car which displayed 101430, all vehicles sporting the Strathclyde orange and black livery. Similarly 101360 had a Class 107 DMS which carried 107360 on that end.

When the sets moved from Corkerhill to Eastfield in 1989 they changed from the 107 4xx to the 107 7xx series (107 725 to 749 (with no 735, 738, 741, 742 or 748)) to avoid confusion with the 156 sets that replaced. In July '91 the sets moved to HA, and to avoid confusion with the new 158s they were renumbered into the 107 0xx series.

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