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Class 109 Wickham 2-car DMUs

Interior Description

Both the exterior and interior panelling was of 16 gauge aluminium sheet, the inside panelling up to luggage rack level had Warerite plastic veneer sheeting bonded to the surface. The roof covering over the luggage racks was corrugated rubber, roof panels were Vynide cloth covered. Both the first and second class saloons had the Warerite interior finish, first class in simulated walnut and the second class light oak. Very few panel fixing screws were visible, all others were covered at the top by the tubular aluminium luggage racks and at the bottom by the heater duct, special extruded aluminium sections with suitable locating grooves and special section window frames provided neat and rattle proof retaining fixings. Bakelite supplied the Warerite panels for the interior. The leathercloth was supplied by ICI Ltd.

Heating ducts and the roof vents were supplied by Aircraft Materials Ltd, and luggage rack brackets came from Dean & Sons Ltd. Hinges came from Beaton & Sons.

The Widney windows, apart from the special frames were of the standard British Railways design with polished and aluminium finish. These windows had the standard sliding top lights with deflectors at the top for ventilation purposes, further ventilation was supplied by Airvac roof ventilators, the roof openings being concealed by the longitudinal troughing which also supported the interior lights. The windows were supplied by Hallam Sleigh & Chester Ltd and Beckett, Laycock & Watkinson Ltd.

Draught deflection partitions were arranged at each entrance door, these were fitted with glass panels and shaped to give a light and spacious appearance.

The corrugated steel floor was filled with sprayed asbestos for sound insulation and then covered with asbestos filled flame-proof hardboard, the final floor covering being of heat resistant rubber sheeting. The flooring material came from Rubberware Ltd, and the flooring sections from Metal Sections Ltd. In the power car suitable traps fitted with locks were fitted over vital parts of engine and transmission but all normal servicing could be carried out from the side or over pits.

Steel tubular framed seats were supplied by GD Peters of Slough and arranged 2 + 3 in 2nd class, with a patterned green moquette with leather trim on Dunlopillo. The 1st class saloon, arranged 2+2 were of a similar design, but gave a suitably greater degree of comfort, and finished in blue moquette with leather trim.

Second Class

The image shows a 2nd class saloon.

The guard's compartment was laid out to meet British Railways standards. A seat, electric food warmer, first aid kit and accident equipment including ladders were provided.

Only the trailer car had a toilet, this being accessible from the power car through the standard bellows gangway supplied by AG Wild & Co Ltd. The partitions into the driving cab had lockable sliding doors.



The second image shows the drivers desk. Note the sloping panel in front of the driver containing the gauges.

Standard BUT 'L' type cab controls were used, with the tachometers, vacuum & pressure gauges mounted on a sloping panel between the throttle and gear controllers. This panel also carried the main switch, main switch indicator light and changeover switch for the revolution counter. Indicator lamps were mounted on a vertical panel, on the left and at an angle to the driver so that they can be observed without craning the neck, being at the same time clear of the driver's ahead vision. On the right within comfortable reach of the drivers hand was the Gresham & Craven vacuum brake valve. The hand brake wheel was also within the drivers reach without leaving his seat. A comfortably upholstered Chapman driving seat was fitted, which was fully adjustable for height and could be moved forwards or backwards by the driver as required.

Diagrams & Driving Instructions
Non-Passenger Use

The preserved Wickham unit (external site).

Thanks to Andrew Middleton and Keith Gunner for additional information.

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