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117 DMU

Class 117 set 400 at Yetminster. It has a Class 101 center car added, making it a 4-car set. Steve Davies Collection.

117 DMU

Class 117 set 400 at Yeovil Pen Mill, with a 119 for company. Steve Davies Collection.

121 DMU

55020 At Aylesbury platform 1, 17th May 2004. Roger Marks.

121 DMU

55020 at Princes Risborough on delivery run, 2nd April 2003, attached to 977858. Roger Marks.

121 DMU

977722 at Aylesbury in the days before it was refurbished and turned to use as 55020. 29th July 2000. Roger Marks.

acv-railcar DMU

The ACV set is seen at Ayr in June 1953, probably about to leave for Dalmellington. JL Stevenson.

acv-railcar DMU

On the 20th June 1953 the ACV set is seen awaiting departure from Dalmellington, with the 5.40pm to Ayr. Hamish Stevenson Collection.

acv-railcar DMU

Although taken at Marylebone, this was a ScR publicity photo, captioned "Photograph shows A.C.V. lightweight diesel train arriving at Marylebone Station. The train is shortly going into experimental service." AA McLean Collection.

119 DMU

Class 119 set L584 is seen departing Newbury. Steve Davies Collection.

114 DMU

Two Class 114 sets with E56002 closest stopped at Ancaster on their journey to Mablethorpe. Date unknown. Steve Davies Collection.

120 DMU

A Swindon Cross-Country set at Rolleston Junction. Heading for Derby, it carries a set number board in the window (possibly EP456). The small lamps fitted to the luggage racks can be seen illuminated through the cab windows. Steve Davies Collection.

105 DMU

A Met-Camm and a Cravens are seen at Lowestoft. Note 'LW' on the Cravens Blue Square coupling code, which is distinctly lighter than what's on the 101, possibly a 'white square?' Steve Davies Collection.

101 DMU

E56054 is seen at Yarmouth South Town. Steve Davies Collection.

110 DMU

A Class 110 sits in the company of two early (4-lamp) Met-Camms at Scarborough. Undated. Ian Francis.

104 DMU

53534 is seen in Derby Works. It carries Network South East branding. Undated. Ian Francis.

129 DMU

Class 129 975385 (ex-55997) "Hydra" at Vic Berrys, Leicester, with a 3-car blue/grey Class 104. Undated. Ian Francis.

108 DMU

A Class 108 at Monkseaton, date unknown. It has Newcastle on it's destination blind. Ian Francis.

114 DMU

Barrow Hill station on the 22nd September 1974, with a DMU shuttle to Chesterfield in connection with the depot open day. From right to left is a 114 (DMBS is 50010), a 2-car 101 and a 3-car 104. Ian Francis.

101 DMU

Saltburn, with a 5-car Met-Cam formed of a 3-car/2-car. The 3-car is formed DMC/TBS/DMC with the window frames painted on the center car only. Ian Francis.

120 DMU

Two 3-car Swindon Cross-Country sets await departure from Birmingham Snow Hill. Photo by David McIntosh. Ian McDonald Collection.

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