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Minutes of Sub-Committee held on July 12th, 1960

Noted with the following comments:-

Minute 892 - Derby, Etches Park

Mr. Martin stated that the stabling and cleaning roads would be complete by the middle of September, 1960.

Minute 901 - Kirkdale

Mr. Gould stated that the staff had raised objections to the siting of the fuelling plant behind the carriage washing machine and a further site was being sought.


1. Marylebone Suburban Services

(a) Commencement of service

Mr. Lawrence stated that the shortage of staff was approaching a critical stage and to overcome the difficulty he had three projects in mind for consideration before the complete diesel multiple unit service was introduced.

Amersham - Aylesbury shuttle service - Originally proposed to commence in June, 1961.  L.T.E. now propose it should commence in September, 1961.

High Wycombe Line - Investigation proceeding into the possibility of introducing a multiple unit service in September, 1960 to ameliorate shortage of firemen at Neasden.

Aylesbury - Princes Risborough Line - Introduction of multiple unit service would save four firemen.

It was necessary for the question of maintenance facilities for these services, prior to the completion of Marylebone Carriage Shed, to be considered and it was agreed that Mr. Lawrence pursue the whole question with representatives of the departments concerned and report at the next meeting.

(b) Marylebone Carriage Shed

The Chairman referred to the meeting held on July 20th and asked for a joint statement to be submitted quickly giving details of the estimated outlay on the new Shed, also for proposals to be submitted separately for the new carriage washing machine, permanent lighting at Barge Sidings and the temporary facilities required at Neasden.

2. Inter-City Services, Hull, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool

Noted that an inter-city set would be worked into Neasden on a suitable occasion later in the year for inspection by the Committee.

3. Leicester (London Rd.) - Nuneaton (T.V.) Line

Noted that Commission approval had been given.

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