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3. Allocation of units being built at Derby and by Contractors

Revised schedule of allocation attached as Appendix 'B'.


1. Minutes of Sub-Committee Meeting held on 22nd March 1961.

Noted with the following comments.

Minute 1058 - Cricklewood (Diesel Locomotives)

The complete installation is required in June and the importance of maintaining the target date was stressed.

St. Pancras, Cambridge Street Diesel Locomotive)

Mr. Taylor drew attention to his request to the Chief Mechanical & Electrical Engineer for the remaining fuel tanks to be installed and asked that the matter be given special attention because of the increased user of fuel as further stages of dieselisation programme were introduced.  Mr. Stanley will follow up this matter.

Minute 1063 - Chester West Motive Power Depot (Multiple Units)

The train services were due to commence on 12th June and the Chairman asked Mr. Stanley to expedite the lighting installations.

Minute 1064 - Marylebone Carriage Shed (Multiple Units)

Mr. True stated the view had been expressed locally that the depot might not be completed for the introduction of diesel multiple unit services on June 12th but Mr. Beatty confirmed the sub-station would be completed by the end of April and work generally was progressing according to programme.

2. Planning of Diesel Depots

The Chairman pointed out that the responsibility for the preparation of schemes for diesel servicing and maintenance facilities had been transferred to the Planning Officer.  He referred to delays which had taken place in the development of depots on the Midland Lines and considered special efforts should be made to complete the submissions for a limited number of depots which would be required for use early in the implementation of the diesel locomotive plan.

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