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1. Position of schemes still to be submitted  (Contd.)

(c)  Chester - Rhyl - Llandudno  (Contd.)

Mr.Hearn stated that the financial details were nearly complete, but a query had arisen in regard to traffic receipts, which would require examination.

It was apparent that the proposed services would not make an overall profit but it was anticipated that, including the savings arising from the closure of Rhyl motive power depot, the scheme would affect a considerable improvement in the net revenue position.

It was decided that when the financial details were received from the Chief Accountant, the D.T.S. would refer the matter to the Line Traffic Manager, Manchester, with a view to the scheme going forward.

(d)  East Midlands
  Derby Friargate - Nottingham Victoria - Grantham
  Nottingham Mid. - Mansfield - Worksop
  Derby Mid. - Sheffield Mid.

The economics of these services were being examined.  The line Traffic Manager, Derby, was already in possession of the financial statement in respect of the Nottingham Mid. - Mansfield - Worksop scheme and financial details of the other schemes would shortly be provided by the Chief Accountant.  The assessment of parcels receipts for the Derby Mid. - Sheffield Mid. scheme had not yet been finalised and the D.T.S. had the matter in hand with the D.T.M., Nottingham.

2.  Allocation of units being built at Derby and by Contractors

Revised schedule of allocation attached as Appendix 'B'.


1. Marylebone Suburban Services

(a)  Progress in bogie modification and refurbishing of stock

Mr.Stanley reported that the programme was proceeding satisfactorily and 30 sets had been dealt with.

(b)  Introduction of service

The necessary engineering work on the London Transport lines would not be completed until the end of April, 1962, and it had been agreed by the

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