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1. Position of schemes still to be submitted  (Contd.)

(b)  St.Pancras - Leicester/Nottingham

The Chairman reported that since the last meeting the Line Traffic Manager, Derby, had intimated that he proposed to ask for the allocation of a limited number of diesel multiple units to cover the St.Pancras - Leicester/Nottingham semi-fast services from September, 1962.

It was felt there was little prospect of units becoming available from existing services and in view of the decision taken in regard to the St.Pancras - Leicester/Nottingham scheme (Minute 889) it was agreed that the Line Traffic Manager should consider the practicability of utilising available diesel locomotives.

(c)  Chester - Rhyl - Llandudno

The passenger receipts figures had been referred back by the Chief Accountant to the Divisional Traffic Manager for reconsideration,  When the financial details were complete the matter would be referred to the Line Traffic Manager, Manchester, to progress the scheme.

(d)  East Midlands
  Derby Friargate - Nottingham Victoria - Grantham
  Nottingham Mid. - Mansfield - Worksop
  Derby Mid. - Sheffield Mid.

The financial details in respect of the Nottingham Mid. - Mansfield - Worksop scheme were with the Line Traffic Manager, Derby.  The assessment of the parcels receipts for the Derby Mid. - Sheffield Mid. scheme was being reconsidered by the D.T.M., Nottingham, and the financial assessment for the Derby Friargate - Grantham scheme was being compiled by the Chief Accountant.  On completion of the financial assessments of these two schemes, they would be submitted to the L.T.M., Derby, for further consideration of the future of these services,

2.  Allocation of units being built at Derby and by Contractors

Revised schedule of allocation attached as Appendix 'B'.

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