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Derby Lightweight (Red Triangle) 2-car DMUs

Numbering & Liveries


Numbers Type Diagram Lot. No Seats Weight
E79000 - 79007 DMBS 501 30084 61 26t
E79500 - 79507 DMCL 507 30085 16 / 53 27t

A two-car set weighed 53 tons and could carry 130 passengers.


Original plans had the vehicles considered as coaching stock, the build specs show then as to be painted in Carmine and Cream. However before delivery a change was made to consider them as motive power and they were instead scheduled to be painted in green.

The sets were delivered in BR engine green with yellow lining above the windows and at waist level. They carried the loco style of British Railways logo with the lion sitting atop a wheel, facing the cab. Delivered without speed whiskers, they would be added later, and these would be later replaced by yellow panels below the cab windows. As the vehicles were withdrawn in early 1964, this was too early for any to receive rail blue.

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