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Vehicle 52102

Class 123

BR Diagram 574

Builder: BR Swindon Works
Type: Inter City
Length: 64ft
Coupling Code: Blue Square
Coupling Type: Buckeye
Gangway Type: Pullman
Engines: Albion 230hp
Transmission: Mechanical
Lot Number: 30704
Diagram: 574


May-63 New to CDF (Cardiff Canton)
Apr-68 Transferred to 81D (Reading)
May-73Depot code changeRG (Reading)
28/02/76 Transferred to CF (Cardiff Canton)
w/e 18/12/76 Stored CF (Cardiff Canton)
09/04/78 Transferred to BG (Hull Botanic Gardens)
27/05/84 Withdrawn from BG (Hull Botanic Gardens)

Some sample formations the vehicle has been noted in:

52092 59824 59829 52102 As delivered to CDF - May 1963
RDG514 52094 59824 52102 Listed at 81D - circa Aug-70
C714 52094 59824 52102 Listed at CF - 31st December 1977


15/10/73 - Dual AWS fitted
Jun-75 - WR AWS removed

52102 was involved in the following incident(s):

12/3/79 - Sheffield

Collision involving Class 108 / Class 123

8:17 Chesterfield to Sheffield formed E52102/E59826/E52093 ran away at Heeley, entered Sheffield station at speed and collided with empty DMU M52043/M51923. The brakes on the 8:17 failed due to inadequate maintenance of brake cylinders at Hull Dairycoates.



Date: 3rd December 1978

Set number: 714

Set 714 at Doncaster on 3/12/78. E52102 has lost the gangway cover, and the inner door has been made unopenable. The obsolete headcode box has effectively turned into marker lights. A 114 can be seen on the left and Met-Camm on the right. Malcolm Clements.


Date: 30th April 1984

Swindon-built "Inter City" set with E52102 nearest the camera has just arrived at Hull Paragon with a train from Manchester on 30th April 1984. In the background, Trans-Pennine DMU E51958 is at the front of another service over the "Backbone of England". This was the last photo I took of these rather wonderful units, as within a few days of this they were all withdrawn from service. Syd Young.

The vehicle is mentioned in the following images:


Date: 15th June 1980

E51951 leads a Liverpool Lime Street - Hull special into Sheffield on June 15, 1980. The complete rake was E51951, E51975, E59718, E59766, E52102, M51859, M59718, M59723 and M51561. John Carter.


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