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117 DMU

Set 117 314 leaves Haymarket, entering the long tunnel that takes it to Princes St. Gardens and into Waverley. August 1993. Alan Rintoul.

120 DMU

Set 522 is formed of two Swindon 120 power cars and a Metro-Cammell center car, seen at Kingsknowe in August 1986. Alan Rintoul.

108 DMU

3-car Class 108 set 383 led by M51566 awaits departure from Waverley in April 1986. Alan Rintoul.

104 DMU

A Class 104 in Edinburgh Waverley on a special in July 1978. Alan Rintoul.

101 DMU

The prototype refurbished Class 101 cars 51518, 59545 and 51451 are about to enter Inverkeithing from the Edinburgh direction in August 1976. The branch on the left went to Rosyth Dockyard, which had a service for employees. Alan Rintoul.

101 DMU

Haymarket DMU sidings in September 1986. Many Met-Camms and the odd Class 120. Alan Rintoul.

swindon-79xxx DMU

Replaced on the Edinburgh - Glasgow line by Class 27 push-pull sets, redundant Swindon Inter-City cars sit in Millerhill Yard awaiting their fate. Tony Wilkins.

122 DMU

Class 122 bubble car 55000 is seen on Haymarket depot, July 1978. Alan Rintoul.

swindon-79xxx DMU

A Swindon Inter-City set not long after leaving Haymarket and heading west for Glasgow, with five of the six vehicles in blue / grey, and one remaining green. Unusually, the six-car formation is headed by an 'intermediate' vehicle. Date unknown. GM Staddon.

108 DMU

A brand new 108 (M51424/M56279) at Morningside Road on the Edinburgh suburban circle, heading for Musselburgh. ScR Official Picture. The vehicles were on loan from the LMR to Leith Central between March and October 1960. AA McLean Collection.

101 DMU

A 3-car Metro-Cammell set is about to leave the south end of the Forth Railway Bridge into Dalmeny station, heading towards Edinburgh Waverley. 26th October 1962. ScR Official Picture. AA McLean Collection.

100 DMU

A Gloucester twin, headed by 56314, departs Piershill on a Corstorphine - North Berwick service, 7th April 1958. Hamish Stevenson.

101 DMU

Built for the, LMR, displaying an ER number and WR set no! E51183 (C994) awaits movement to Vic Berry's in Leicester, at Cardiff’s Ninian Park Rd. sidings, during May '90. Mac Winfield.

101 DMU

53224 running as C984 - a 2-car hybrid with a Class 108 - at Abercynon where it regains the Taff Vale main line to Pontypridd and Cardiff while operating the Aberdare service on 21/8/89. Mac Winfield.

101 DMU

W53224 of C900, which was a 3-car hybrid set comprising three different classes - 101 (53224), 110 (59709), and 108 (52048). At Cardiff Queen St, 19/12/87. Mac Winfield.

101 DMU

Class 101 51205 (with 51512) seen running as 861 at Cardiff Central. It had been P861, but at this time was officially C861. Note the off-center headlamp which remained in this position even after refurbishment/facelifting when it became part of 101676. Taken on 29/6/91. Mac Winfield.

101 DMU

Set C820 (formed DMC / TBS / DMC) at Weymouth. Undated. Tom Clift.

116 DMU

Class 116 set C316 passes the Grovesend Colliery Loop, on the Swansea District Line. Undated. Tom Clift.

110 DMU

52076 is at the head of this Class 110 at York. Undated. Tom Clift.

101 DMU

2-car Class 101 set C802 and a 3-car 119 with two DMBCs (and an awfully high ratio of 1st to 2nd class!) pass Dynevor Junction, on the Swansea District Line (which bypasses Swansea) & was heading for West Wales. Tom Clift.

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