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357. STANDARD UNITS OF 57' STOCK. (Contd.)

(iii) 8 2-car sets to be built at Derby for Manchester (Part 1) scheme, January-February 1956 are to be loaned to Birmingham (Part 1) scheme until 4 3-car sets are delivered by Birmingham C.& W. Company, August 1956.

(iv) First three 2-car sets to be built at Derby for Birmingham (Part 1) scheme October-November 1955 to be temporarily loaned to West Cumberland whilst units on that service are receiving Works attention.

(v) Mr.Gould said that a re-assessment of the units required for the Birmingham (Part 2) scheme had been made and it may be that the numbers already requested would need to be amended to 30 2-car sets and 22 3-car sets, plus maintenance spares, and he would arrange for definite requirements to be given as soon as practicable.

(vi) Mention was made of the mileage performed by West Cumberland units before requiring wheel turning and it was stated that the average on the power cars is 50,000 miles for 3/32" tyre wear, which means that the power cars will cover 60,000 miles before the wheels are due for re-turning. It is anticipated that the trailer cars will probably run for 80,000 miles before requiring wheel turning.

(b) Destination Indicators.

Noted - that Operating Committee Minute 281 of 18.7.55. agreed that destination be shown, on other than inter-city trains, in an indicator box at the top centre front of leading vehicle.

This is already the practice on vehicles being built in Derby Works but so far as the Watford - St.Albans units are concerned, it was stated there were technical difficulties in fitting such boxes. It was agreed that Messrs.Gould, Read and Stanley would consider what could be done for these units.

(c) Rolls Royce Engines.

Noted - that the North Eastern Region have agreed that four 2-car sets to be built at Derby would be exchanged for two 4-car sets fitted with Rolls Royce engines allocated to the Newcastle - Carlisle scheme on the understanding that four 2-car sets are likely to be delivered about 2 months before the sets with the Rolls Royce engines are due.

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