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The question of net power-weight ratios was considered. The ratio for steel framed 3-car sets with 150 H.P. engines is 6.81, and if hauling a 30 ton tail vehicle would be 5.02, and Mr.Finlayson said a ration below 6.0 would be unacceptable to the C.M.& E.E.

After full consideration it was decided that, in order to avoid the consequent delay to the Derby, Nottingham, Leicester scheme for some 12 months, the present proposal be re-considered from the points of view :-

1. The original scheme using 17 150 H.P. 3-car units to be re-cast, the service being adjusted so that steam trains can be made available for passengers and parcels and parcels post traffic when it becomes necessary for parcels vans to be hauled.

2. The question of 200 H.P. engines being fitted to the vehicles to be dropped.

3. No tail traffic to be conveyed by the 150 H.P. 3-car diesel units, as at present constituted.

4. Examination to be made of the possibility of the use of road services, or other alternatives, in order to minimise the extent to which diesel trains will be substituted by steam trains.

The Chairman asked for the re-casting of the scheme to be dealt with as a matter of urgency, and in the meantime the B.T.C. would be advised that in view of the tail traffic difficulties, we do not intend to continue with the proposal for 200 H.P. engines for this scheme and that the allocation of the 17 3-car sets with 150 H.P. engines remain with the L.M.Region.

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