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3.  Maximum Loading Capacity

Noted that one car contained ivorine table showing maximum loading capacity, and Mr.Stanley will arrange for this to be removed.


(1) Design of Units

Noted that delay in production of trial unit is due to difficulty of obtaining equipment from B.T.H.Co.  Mr.Finlayson reported that static tests are now being undertaken and the unit will be put on running tests during the next week.

(2) Design of Buffet Car.

Nothing further to report.

(3) Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford Scheme.

Draft report in circulation for signatures of officers concerned, but cannot be costed until trials of experimental unit are complete.

(4)  Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester.

Report still in course of preparation.


1.  Minutes of meetings of Sub-Committee held on June 6th and 15th and July 4th and 12th.

Noted.   The Chairman requested that the facilities for the various schemes to be brought into operation be speeded up, particularly those in respect of the Manchester area Part 1 scheme, as it is essential that the facilities be available before the units are delivered to the areas.

2.  Report on "Planning a Diesel Multiple Unit Depot"

The Chairman said the observations of the departments concerned had been noted and they should now arrange to put their views through the respective B.T.C. Committees.

3.  Maintenance of Electric Rolling Stock.

Noted directive from B.T.C. that, in providing facilities for the maintenance and servicing of diesel trains, any new accomodation to give sufficient clearances to permit use of the facilities by electric rolling stock if required at a later stage.

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