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1. Position of Schemes still to be submitted  (Contd.)

The schemes included on the revised statement were considered in detail with the following comments :-

Manchester Part 4 - The note in regard to Wigan is an error as the C.C.E. has provided revised figure for cost of maintenance facilities.  (See note under Manchester Part 5 re Kirkdale and Lostock Hall).

Manchester Part 6 - Mr.Taylor will look specially into the question of staff savings at Brunswick.

St.Pancras - Leicester - Nottingham - Scheme dependent on completion of Nottingham London Road Depot.  Mr.Gould will press S.E. for estimates for Kettering.

Manchester Part 5 - Difficulty regarding siting of fuelling point at Kirkdale now resolved.  Mr.M'Ilmoyle will specially supply estimates.

Postition at Lostock Hall to be specially investigated by Sub-Committee.

The position in regard to the remainder of the schemes was noted.

In respect of the Broad Street - Tring service, Mr.True said that information regarding the relative merits of different forms of traction was awaited.  It was noted that consideration was still being given to the possibility of designing a suitable dual purpose electric-diesel locomotive for use on the Broad Street - Tring service and other sections of the line.

2. Allocation of Vehicles

The Chairman said that the Commission had information on the number of vehicles received and in operation on all schemes, and the position could arise when it would be necessary to take vehicles from schemes operating with more vehicles than authorised for allocation to future schemes.  Discussion arose over the adequacy or otherwise of the 15% allowed for spares and it was generally considered that a higher allowance for spares was necessary.  Mr.Reynolds and said that a letter would be sent to Mr.Robson and the Office of the Director of Traffic Services setting out the details and asking for their comments, after investigation, on the need for a higher allowance of spares.

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