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1. Watford - St.Albans Service

The Chairman said that a meeting had been held with representatives of the Commission to consider the future use of the 11 A.C.V. vehicles allocated to the Watford - St.Albans and the Harrow - Belmont services, when it was agreed that complaints regarding the A.C.V. stock were justified and it would not be advisable to return them to these services.  A submission would now require to be made for the operation of the services by standard multiple units, and Mr.Gould would arrange for this to be prepared.

Mr.Baker said that the A.C.V. vehicles were now in the Works but maintenance work had not yet commenced and it was agreed that maintenance should not commence until it had been decided how many vehicles would be required as staff trains, and Mr.Gould would advise Mr.Baker.

2. St.Pancras Suburban Services

Reference was made by the Chairman to the recent difficulties being experienced on these services.

It was stated that the trouble arose from a number of small mechanical failures occurring simultaneously, but the matter was under very careful consideration and every effort was being made to bring the services back to normal.

3. Traffic Receipts

Traffic receipts for August and September, 1960 in respect of schemes with less that 12 months operation by diesel multiple units attached as Appendix "A".


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823. NEXT MEETING Thursday, December 29th, 1960 in Room 138.

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