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1. Position of Schemes still to be submitted  (cont'd.)

(b)   Every effort is being made to expedite the submissions for the remaining schemes having regard to the considerable information required to be compiled in each case.

Immediately it is know that the method adopted for the assessing of parcels receipts for the Manchester Part IV Scheme has proved effective a similar procedure will be introduced for the St.Pancras - Leicester - Nottingham (and associated local services) Scheme.

2. Allocation of Vehicles

In accordance with Minute 817 Item 2 the following details in respect of the availability of Diesel Multiple Unit Vehicles for week ending the 22nd October had been circulated to Mr.Robson and the Office of the Director of Traffic Services:-.

London Midland Region 80.3 for 706 cars
Eastern Region 80.6  "  217  "
Western Region 88.0  "  507  "
Scottish Region 88.4  "  275  "
North Eastern Region 85.5  "  414  "

Mr.Baker said that the availability of L.M.R. units had improved, but the withdrawal of a number of vehicles for modifications of the engines and bogies would result in reduced availability.  Once the initial troubles and subsequent modifications had been made he thought the allowance of 15% for maintenance spares was reasonable.

It was noted that multiple unit sets released in consequence of the implementation of electrification will be added to those not at present allocated.  Appendix 'B'.


Bedford - Northampton Service

Noted that this service had been approved for withdrawal by the Area Board and that staff consultation was to take place on January 4th.

Bedford - Hitchin Service

Noted that this service was recommended for withdrawal as submitted to the General Manager on December 6th.  Various points raised by the General Manager were now being examined.

Trains Committee

Meeting 80
29th December 1960

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