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1.  Marylebone Suburban Services (cont'd.)

The Chairman emphasised that work was required to be carried out before the sets are brought into operation without affecting the arrangements laid down for the introduction of the services.  It was noted that in order to decide the arrangements necessary to achieve this requirement the representatives of the Office of the Director of Traffic Services and Chief Mechanical Engineer would review the position at an early date.

The Chairman undertook to obtain direction in respect of a draft Press hand-out given to him by Mr. Salmon.

2.  Liverpool, Leeds, Hull (N.E.sponsored)

Noted that the inaugural runs were taking place today.


1. Watford - St.Albans Service

Following discussion as to the nature of the submission required to cover the replacement of the A.C.V. vehicles by standard units it was agreed that statements should be prepared as early as possible showing the net revenue position of the Watford - St. Albans and Harrow - Belmont services separately, on the basis of working the services by standard units and by A.C.V. vehicles, when the matter would again be considered by the Committee.

2. Manchester Central - Chester Service

The Chairman referred to a complaint received that the label on the "Non-smoking" accomodation could not be seen from the outside. Mr.Howes undertook to look into the matter.

3. Liverpool (Lime Street) - St.Helens - Wigan Service

The Chairman referred to a letter from the Divisional Traffic Manager, Liverpool in which he had expressed grave concern of the effect of the failure of the "Dragonair" type heating aparatus which had led to a number of public complaints.  Mr.Baker said the matter was being specially investigated.

Trains Committee

Meeting 80
29th December 1960

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